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    Ecologically Minded


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    Ecologically Minded


ape ceramica

Ecologically Minded



APE Cerámica is a fast growing tile brand. Around 5,000 created especially according to the particularities and aesthetic and functional demands of each particular market. Notwithstanding the company is youthful, and it has gained popularity both in the domestic Spanish market and abroad.


The brand APE CERÁMICA has become one of the world’s leading firms, having the largest number of items in its catalogue, with around 5,000 products created especially to match the peculiarities, aesthetic and functional needs of each particular market.

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Ape ceramica

Why choose Ape ceramica?

Ape ceramica: Innovation and quality designed by experts

  • Commitment

    We are committed to being a responsible company with the care of the planet. So much so, that we have the technical, human and economic resources at our disposal to prevent the environmental impact that our activity can generate.

  • Variety

    The variety of tile shapes, styles and colors makes it possible to bring to life the boldest design concepts.

  • Quality

    The quality of finished products undergoes close control. Therefore the materials by APE are remarkable for excellent performance.

  • Production

    The production process is characterized by the application of innovative equipment.

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