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    Keros Ceramic

    Investing in the most advanced technology


    Keros Ceramic

    Investing in the most advanced technology


Keros Ceramic

Investing in the most advanced technology



Keros Ceramica is an international company specialized in manufacturing and selling of wall and floor ceramic tiles, with more than 40 years of experience in the industry.

Its main objective is focused on offering an exceptional standard of quality and service to its clients, for this reason the company is permanently investing in the most advanced technology, always with the utmost respect for the environment.


Currently Keros Ceramica has two production facilities, one in Nules, Castellon, the traditional center of the Spanish ceramics and the other one in Rousse, Bulgaria, allowing a direct and immediate access to Central and Eastern Europe. As a result of this production internationalization, a deep knowledge of the market can be achieved making it possible to develop the most updated ceramic products.

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Why choose Keros ceramica?

Keros ceramica: Innovation and quality designed by experts

  • Luminosity

    Light takes on form and body in ceramic tiles, which mould and shape its presence. The gloss and metallic effects of ceramic tiles allow for clever plays of light, adding a sense of depth, space and movement, bringing spaces to life.

  • Warmth

    The beauty, smoothness and warmth of ceramic tiles are perfect for any season. Combining this material with leather or fabrics enhances the number of d├ęcor options, creating warm settings.

  • Resistance and durability
    Resistance and durability

    Ceramic tiles offer optimum levels of durability in buildings, thanks to their resistance to sudden temperature changes, damp and chemical and biological agents, as well as their hardness and scratch resistance.

  • Easy to clean and hygienic
    Easy to clean and hygienic

    Ceramic tiles are easy to clean and are highly resistant to dirt and all types of contamination. Cleaning is easy: simply wipe a damp cloth over the tile, and, if it is stained with dirt or grease, cleaning agents such as a detergent or bleach can be used.

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